3E CrossFit is a diverse fitness community who’s purpose is steeped in life maximization. We’ve created an environment where excellence, empowerment and enlightenment permeate our culture.

“We believe that people grow in community not in isolation.”

3E CrossFit members can expect a friendly and uplifting environment with workouts that are varied, challenging, fun and scaled appropriately to allow you to continue making progress and deliver dramatic transformations. Our programming is driven by science, fueled by innovation and focused on Results. We employ various modalities such as powerlifting, plyometrics, Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics, running, jumping and throwing as the basis for providing elite level fitness.

If you are ready to put forth the “EFFORT,” then we welcome the opportunity to serve you!!


What is 3E?

Excellence- excellence is the virtue that influences and permeates all of the training, services, and the lives of the 3E crossfit community.

Empowerment- 3E CrossFit’s purpose is to use the utility of fitness to obliterate perceived barriers and to inspire lasting transformation.

Enlightenment- 3E CrossFit is committed to its members successful application of skills that result in life maximization.

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