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Inspiration without Intimidation

September 30, 2014

Are you looking for a family-friendly environment?  Would you like to reduce pains or move better?  Would you like for your coach to explain to you the how’s and they why’s of the human body?  Come by 3E CrossFit and you’ll see first-hand that it’s possible to find all of this in one place.  We […]

Spencer Arnold Olympic Weighlifting Camp

September 30, 2014

You are invited to join us for an incredible Olympic Weightlifting Camp Oct 25th and 26th (Saturday and Sunday) with the one and only Spencer Arnold, World Class Weightlifting athlete and renowned coach. If you ever had any interest in learning, refining or really understanding the remarkable benefits of the Olympic Lifts, please don’t miss […]

“We believe that people grow in community not in isolation.”

3E CrossFit members can expect a friendly and uplifting environment with workouts that are varied, challenging, fun and scaled appropriately to allow you to continue making progress and deliver dramatic transformations. Our programming is driven by science, fueled by innovation and focused on Results. We employ various modalities such as powerlifting, plyometrics, Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics, running, jumping and throwing as the basis for providing elite level fitness.

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